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Rue Clerveaux
Pétion-Ville, Departement de l'Ouest

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MPSL - Magnum Panel

ms4448pae 2-600x600.png
ms4448pae 2-600x600.png

MPSL - Magnum Panel


The MPSL – Magnum Panel, Single Enclosure, Low Capacity – is designed to accommodate a maximum of two inverters.

***Inverters sold separately***

  • Features

    • Expandable:

      • start with the enclosure and just one inverter and in the future expand to two inverters with ease, using the MPX.

    • Easy installation:

      • all connections are frontmounted, including AC and DC breakers and the MPX.

    • DC load breakers:

      • fits either din rail or back-mount DC load breakers.

    • Convenient knockouts:

      • knockouts on the side of the enclosure are compatible with most charge controllers.

  • Included

    • One DC breaker – 175A or 250A

    • One 60A AC bypass breaker

    • 500A/50mv DC shunt

    • Inverter AC input protection

    • Inverter hood