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Rue Clerveaux
Pétion-Ville, Departement de l'Ouest

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MicroGT 500 Micro Inverter

MicroGT 500 Micro Inverter


MicroGT 500 Micro Inverter


The grid-tie MicroGT Inverter is ideal for use with battery backup systems. Optimized to communicate with a Magnum battery-based system, particularly the MS-PAE Series Inverter/Charger, the MicroGT allows the addition of battery storage to a more traditional microinverter installation.

Supports two modules per inverter, reducing installation labor time.

Handles up to 310W modules with negligible clipping, delivering 250W AC per module.

Individual MPPT for each module.

Module-level electronics mitigates shading issues and increases system output and reliability.

Using seven MicroGT 500 inverters, string up to 14 solar modules with a 20A breaker.

Ready for install in your area: UL1741 and NEC690.12 compliant.

Storage-ready: Optimized to regulate AC coupled Magnum battery-based inverters, increasing battery life.

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