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Sun Xtender PVX-3050T


Sun Xtender PVX-3050T


Sun Xtender® AGM battery technology is beneficial to renewable energy applications because they are built specifically for the application. Absorbed glass mat deep cycle battery construction allows for cycles of varying charge and discharge lengths to occur without the need for maintenance cycles. Sun Xtender's® AGM technology can sustain multiple deep cycles because the battery doesn't have a `memory` of cycle length and depletion state. Additionally, Sun Xtender® batteries are designed with a low impedance configuration which allows the batteries to tolerate high in-rush current levels without damage to the glass mat cells allowing for faster recharge time and the ability to absorb charge when it is available. 

Sun Xtender® valve regulated batteries are fully sealed and there is no need to monitor the water level within a sealed lead acid battery. The recombinant technology prevents water loss, when properly charged, and therefore renewable energy systems do not require frequent monitoring of water levels to ensure optimal performance nor is there a concern about spillage of hazardous battery acid. The preservation of water content within Sun Xtender® solar batteries also allows for the best possible performance in the harshest environments without the risk of freezing or evaporating. The valve regulated design is a recombination technology that prevents the escape of high saturations of flammable gases that are released upon charge of flooded lead acid batteries. Sun Xtender's® sealed lead acid battery construction prevents high self discharge rate. Therefore, Sun Xtender® batteries have a longer shelf life than many competing renewable energy batteries. 

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